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Bad wiring and faulty installation are the major reasons behind number of AC complaints. It even poses threats to the safety of your family and home.

Bad wiring and faulty installation are the major reasons behind almost all possible damages to AC. The first thing you should factor in if you want increased life span for your AC unit is to get it installed by professionals like us. The first step in caring for your AC unit is to get it installed by true and skilled technicians like us. Proper wiring should be the first care. Never fail at the very outset. Proper wiring means both the true wiring and the use of the best materials for the wiring. Both serve better for better durability of your device. For the safe wiring and AC installation in Hulumale, Villingili & Male, you can contact us for the best AC service at cheap price! We are one of the credible AC service in the Maldives!

As we know lack of proper wiring can cause a good number of complaints from the beginning itself. These can be very much enough to amount to even bigger issues gradually. Lack of good wiring necessitates repairing every now and then. Sometimes it makes the maintenance impossible and only culminates in costly repairs. Now proper AC installation in Hulumale, Villingili & Male is possible through one of the best AC service in Maldives, iCOOL! Not only the AC unit, all the apparatus connected to it should be better handled and properly installed and fitted if we want to call it a proper installation. Even the small and reckless moves in installation can cause headache for you like the debris and dust blocking the air passage.

Importantly, good installation and wiring should be ensured for the better safety of your home and family members. Unfortunately, we happen to hear unpleasant news of accidents happened from AC unit inside the home. Most of them point an accusing finger at the poor wiring and faulty installation. That’s why we insist you to make sure our services for your AC installation. Never take risks with your family. Let’s destroy even the slightest chance of any kind of threats. A professional assistance in installing your AC unit will help you with your electricity usage bill as well and will destroy the necessity of mending your AC quite often. Now stay safe and cool with the best Maldives AC service team!

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