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Air Conditioners too bound to damages, sometimes. Malfunctioning is not a signal for you to buy a new one. A technical handling can fix it for good.

Unlike any other electronic devices, Air Conditioners at our homes need to work almost all day and night, maybe with occasional small breaks. That means, the possibility of your AC getting damaged is increased compared to TVs and washing machines etc at our homes. It is a misconception that devices get longer lifespan as long as human hands don’t touch it and dismantle them. Not so! Damages can happen in many ways, especially in the regard of ACs. The just atmosphere or surrounding can harm our devices. Even the dust and debris in our surroundings is more than enough to cause our AC to stop working.

Once you encounter an issue, you don’t have to get perplexed about it. Damages are common with our all electronic devices. It is not a situation you need to buy a new one. AC repair and services are more accessible and cheaper nowadays since it is one of the most used devices around us. No worry! iCOOL provides the best AC service in Hulhumale, Villingili and Male at cheap price! Any issue with your AC can be diagnosed by our experts and fix it neatly. Either it takes some repair or some parts need to be replaced or it just needs to be cleaned well.

Having good technicians like us to diagnose the issue with your AC is the best decision you need to take once you sensed it. Many and varied kinds of issues can occur to your AC unit; sometimes it could be with your outer unit, sometimes with the inner units. Best diagnosis helps you save your money. Because, in some cases, all it needs just cleaning the device from dust. If you approach us, we simply find the issue and you don’t need to dissemble it and don’t have to cause more damages to it thereby. Being reckless with the AC, attempting for a self repairing duty may bring about more threats and will cost you extra pennies. Now your AC unites are safer for having the quality A/C service and repair in Hulhumale, Villingili & Male!

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